Performance Information

christmas showCase & party at studio

The Christmas Showcase and party will be held during your child's class time the week of December 13-15.

Spring Recital


May 24 & 25 at the studio.
Please arrive on time! After pictures are over, you'll be able to view proofs online & order what you want.


May 17 at the studio - 5PM.
All students expected to attend at their assigned time. Attire: practice dance wear and recital shoes.

dress rehearsal

May 19 at Northmont Auditorium. 5pm.
You must attend dress rehearsal to participate in the recital! No visitors besides parents are allowed without a special ticket!


May 20 at Northmont Auditorium, 6:30 PM.
Students are expected to participate unless Miss Leslie is notified by November 3rd.


Parents may video your children at Dress Rehearsal ONLY! DVDs of the recital will be provided for $40.

social media

Please do NOT post pictures of your child's costume on social media until AFTER the recital. We want them to be a surprise!

ALL STUDENTS are expected to attend BOTH the studio rehearsal and dress rehearsal! These rehearsals are critical to the success of our Recital. Please do your best to get your child there!
The recital this year will be held at Northmont High School Auditorium!!